Building a strong relationship that will drive sales and engagement with your customers entails you listening, collecting and storing all their important information. All of these can be achieved using an online marketing platform.

Klaviyo is one of the best among the rest that offer resources that will help you to analyze trends and uncover opportunities. You would get deeper insights about your customers and as thus accelerate your business’ goal.

A hands-on understanding of Klaviyo features would give you the knowledge to use the platform better in communicating more personally with your audience and stand out from the competition, having listened to and analyzed your customers accurately.

The following are the 10 Klaviyo features that will make you fall in love with the platform:

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This feature allows you to pull real-time data relevant to anything in your marketing stack. So, to gain or discover more personalization and audience insights you have to integrate more data to achieve such possibilities.

Integration in Klaviyo enables you to see everything your customers are doing in a way that is timely, relevant and searchable. This integration of data can occur using Klaviyo’s native integration, use of API or by uploading a CSV file in the case of direct integration.

the following are some of the available native integrations available in Klaviyo:

  • Advertising – Facebook ads
  • CRM – Janrain, Salesforce and Zoho
  • Ecommerce – 3dcart, AfterShip, Amazon Marketplace, BigCommerce, Celery, Commercev3, Magento, Magento 2, Mi9, OpenCart, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, ShipStation, ShopDirect, Shopify, Spree, StickyStreet, Volusion and WooCommerce
  • Email – Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, ExactTarget, MadMimi and Mailchimp
  • Event Management – Eventbrite
  • Fundraising – ActBlue, Classy,, DonorPerfect, Funraise, NeonCRM and Qgiv
  • Help Desk/Chat –, Help Scout, Olark and Zendesk
  • Landing Pages – KickoffLabs, Typeform, Unbounce and Wufoo
  • Payments – Chargebee, ReCharge, Recurly and Stripe
  • POS – Lightspeed


Forms & Personalization

Klaviyo portrays modern eCommerce through its form builder. This builder enables you to create a signup or popup form that is extremely intuitive, powerful, flexible and can leverage a segmentation that enables more personal conversation with your visitors, subscribers, and customers on the net.

At no additional cost or coding, they serve as a collection medium for getting your customer’s preferences to create or build deeper relationships when you target them effectively based on their interests. This also projects a unique web experience for them like when an authentic marketing message is sent on their birthdays or probably a coupon showing a discount offer, etc.

Additionally, you are in charge of these forms, the creative branding or formatting, the prior understanding of its performance at every level, accompanied with the empowerment of marketing with data collected from it and to stay compliant with the GDPR data collection and processing.


Klaviyo’s eCommerce CRM allows you full visibility into your customer’s data. Klaviyo provides tons of data on every single record of your contacts like what they do, how many times they made a purchase, in order to enable you to adapt a personal marketing strategy for your business.  

Klaviyo eCommerce CRM ensures every customer or subscriber has its profile and it showcases it in a single view. With this, you can know the data points and where to take actions from.

Furthermore, Klaviyo makes your business revolve around your customers while your marketing focuses on data, which helps you to know everything about your audience. It also makes predictive analysis automatically that will support segmentation and future customer analysis.


Be assured of receiving easy email segmentation, which uses the every detail of your customers interaction with your websites, like who bought, who didn’t buy to organize them into interest groups so that you can further optimize your marketing messages more relevantly.

These segments are dynamic as they update in real-time and allow for grouping of customers based on behaviours, so you can target them based on events or conditions they triggered. Thus, generating better results with your marketing campaigns.

A segment may be in the form of average order value, acquisition source, shopping preference, purchase frequency, purchase recovery, shopping behavior, purchase motivation, shopping cart profiles, and browsing behaviours etc.

Data Science

This feature uses artificial intelligence or machine learning capability, which enables you to grow your business faster and without waste of time by giving you predictive analytics.

Klaviyo data science is incredibly efficient in that it could make accurate predictions on when you would make your next sale, the amount you can spend to acquire customers, future sales, probability of losing a customer, CLV calculation or probably the gender of your customers etc.

Accompanied with it is the insights of channels that bring high ROI on acquiring customers, identification of VIPs through CLV analytics, and maximizing your email engagement through send time optimization that unveils the perfect time you can send emails to customers.


With this feature, you will measure exactly what matters in your business, i.e. what is driving revenue using their analytics tool. The tool shows you metrics and why they are trending, compares current and past performance, personal customization and then real-time activity.

On getting this flexible but meaningful analysis, it gives you insights of the customers causing the metrics you are viewing and helps you draw a conclusion or reports based on their activities.


Klaviyo automation enables you to build a design that is step by step for your customer journey, as well as test your A/B email for automation on experimentation.

Automation makes it possible to segment various emails based on customers personas for better performance and reporting. Also, helps to provide rich data ranging from behaviour, customer, and integration for effective marketing. It enables you to use workflows by sending emails to customers likely characterized by abandoned carts, win-back, welcome series and browse abandonment.  

Social Advertising

With this, you are assured of personal but relevant messages to be delivered consistently to the customer in building a stronger relationship, which is the core of social media marketing concerning Klaviyo. 

The system gives you dynamic synchronization of data, generating more sales and acquiring more potential customers with the Klaviyo-enabled social media marketing strategy.


Klaviyo campaigns seek to drive engagement by you to send emails such as newsletters, sale announcements or promotions to your target audience once in a while. You get to achieve impact with the on-brand of emails you send, thereby creating a one-on-one conversation with every customer.

With campaigns you get to improve your deliverability, test everything to know what works and why it works, what isn’t working and why it is not working. This will help to optimize your business in terms of growth.

SMS (Short Message Sent)

Import all your contacts and manage them from here, ensuring that messages are delivered to the right people. The setup is very easy and can be used interchangeably with other messaging mediums. 

You pay for whatever message that is being sent as you would like them to and also get to generate more revenue by leveraging on marketing specifically to a target audience on mobile. 

Klaviyo is different than most other email marketing platforms, especially for eCommerce businesses because it gives you powerful functionalities without sacrificing the time it takes for your marketing to make an impact on your bottom line. While most eCommerce marketing software forces you to choose between being as effective as possible and moving fast. 

So if you want to be a growth-minded eCommerce merchant, just honkytonk into the Klaviyo marketing platform and explore these breath-warming features with expendable experiences that will produce a testimony.