We Are An Integrated Email Communication Experts

At Whizcopy, we pride ourselves NOT merely as marketing experts, but MARKETING COMMUNICATION EXPERTS.

There’s a world of difference between the two. Integrated Email Communication refers to a web of commercial email solutions with an objective to develop and sustain a cordial relationship with the recipients in order to generate consistent sales results.

In other words, we are integrated because our scope of service covers all email solutions such as Email account set-up & integration, email strategy, email copywriting, lead generation, automation, broadcasts & campaigns, conversion & performance optimization, troubleshooting, etc; 

AND what we do is email communication because our approach to emailing is not all salesy but fostering relationships by value offerings and engendering interactions and engagement between the sender and recipients (we communicate), and by communicating, we make sales happen on a consistent basis.

Finally, we are able to replicate this process for all of our clients (with customized touches for every business we are working with) because of the proficiency of our Whizards.

We Ar Different...By our SAP


We cover every nook and cranny of email marketing communication


We’re experts in building sustainable email sales machine that generates consistent revenue for your business.


Our Whizards are the best at what they do; developing the best email communication strategy that resonates with your audience, creating the most effective email copies and designs for the requirement of the job, generating the most sales/results with your offers, and establishing and sustaining a lasting relationship with your audience.

Why We Decided to be Different than your Run-of-the-Mill Email Marketers?

Email continues to be the only sales machine and your “responsive” email list continues to be the only asset your business can lay claim to (Not Facebook, Youtube, Google Ads and what’ve you). But a lot of business owners are losing faith in this asset and sales machine because of the rate of email marketing abuse perpetrated by a ton of low ball email marketers out there. 

They send emails without a defined and strategic approach and objective to actually communicate, no intent to offer value other than a desperate motive to generate sales. It makes your email repulsive and annoying to your recipients, and email clients too. In the end, your business suffers.

Our Process

  • S – Study
  • A – Analyze
  • S – Strategize
  • I – Implement
  • E – Evaluate

Following our unique SASIE Process, we are able to Study your business entirely (background information, organizational objectives, brand tone, target audience, your competition, and a bunch of other variables), Analyze the results of these studies and use them to develop a foolproof email Strategies for your business while our Whizards Implement and Evaluate results for higher growth.

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