Are you struggling with low email open rates? Unsatisfactory email deliverability can happen due to multiple factors such as phishing attempts, blacklisting of your sending domain, and too many spam complaints. Don’t let email deliverability issues become roadblock in achieving your business goals.

Whizcopy can help you optimize your email deliverability and proactively protect your mailing reputation.

What’s Included?

How it Works?

We optimize your email deliverability and boost sending reputation in three steps:

Technical And Reputation Audit

We will review your sending domain and ip addresses and analyze their reputation. It includes reviewing blacklists, spam traps and determining your Inbox visibility.

  1. Authentication review
  2. Reputation analysis
  3. Blacklists and spam trap reporting
  4. Inbox visibility

Strategy And Data Audit

We analyze your email list and subscriber data to understand the risk profile and the current processes.

  1. List risk analysis
  2. Mailbox breakdown
  3. Process analysis

Monitoring And Remediation

Using our domain knowledge, we improve email deliverability and domain sending reputation. Not only that, we keep a close eye on your sending reputation for early detection of potential deliverability threats.

  1. Testing & monitoring
  2. Impact alerts
  3. ISP/filter relations

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