We’ll Help You Find an ESP That Best Fits Your Needs

Are you facing constraints with your current ESP? Do you have issues with reporting, data, or integrations? 

Whizcopy can help you evaluate and migrate to a better ESP. There is no such thing as the ‘best’ ESP. We help you find an ESP that best fits your specific needs without making things complicated.

Preliminary Audit

We do a preliminary audit to understand the prevailing challenges and things your current ESP is unable to deliver. For instance: The management is asking for certain kind of reports, you are blocked by your current ESP, you need an integration that is missing, you have issues with data, and so on…

Vendor Research and Shortlisting

Once we identify the issues you are facing, we go out and identify the ESP that will suit your needs. There are literally hundreds of ESP vendors in the market each with a unique set of capabilities. We research and identify 3 ESPs that best match the requirements.

ESP Demo

We communicate with the shortlisted ESPs and arrange for a demo. The demo will help you objectively evaluate the best fit and make an informed decision.

100% Transparency

We do not take a commission from any ESP. We will pass on the commission benefits to you. Such transparency allows us to work in your best interest.

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Smooth and Hassle-Free ESP Migration

Moving to a new ESP can be difficult and time-consuming. We help you migrate from the current ESP to the new ESP hassles-free, thanks to our detailed migration checklist.

Whizcopy's ESP Migration Checklist

We do a preliminary audit to understand the prevailing challenges and things your current ESP is unable to deliver. For instance:

Data migration

When migrating to a new ESP, you want to take this time to review all data, lists, segments, etc. Do a clean-up and plan the foundational data structure on the new platform to receive existing data and be ready for new data fields as needed.



Extensive testing is conducted to ensure that the email being sent correctly and everything is running smoothly.


Integrating the new ESP with your websites such as welcome pop up, lead magnets, e-commerce integration and other third party systems.


Email Template Migration

If you have existing email templates that need to be used, we will migrate them to the new ESP


We make a list of automations in your existing ESP and initiate the process of moving them and updating them if necessary, we also test every automation before they are made live.


We organize training on the new ESP. The training is conducted by an expert from the ESP or our in-house expert.

Domain Authentication Setup

When moving the sending domain to the new ESP, we will review and give guidance on setting up your SPF, DKIM and DMARC records to avoid any deliverability issues.

IP Warm-up

The new IP needs time to be recognized by the ISPs. Hence in the first 2 to 4 weeks, we send out emails slowly so the new IP is sufficiently warmed up before sending in larger volumes.

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