Our expert automation team can help you plan and implement powerful email marketing automation programs such as:

Turn Your Engaged Customers into the Most Profitable Relationships

Drip Campaigns & Email Sequences

Whether you want a drip email campaign to engage your customers or a multi-step email sequence to increase revenue, we’ve got you covered.


Welcome Program

A welcome program allows you to communicate your value and build a relationship with new subscribers. Our team can help you put together an engaging welcome program that wins the hearts and minds of your prospects.

Win-Back Program

Re-engage your inactive subscribers with interesting and relevant emails. Whizcopy can help you reclaim disengaged subscribers so they start opening, reading, and clicking your emails again.


Browse History Trigger Programs

Almost 98% of traffic to your website does not purchase on their first visit. Whizcopy can help you turn such visitors into buyers with automated email campaigns that are triggered based on their browsing history.

Cart Abandonment Program

Customers who do not complete their purchase after adding items to the shopping cart represents a sizable chunk of lost revenue. Whizcopy’s cart abandonment automation can help boost cart recovery rate.


Next Logical Product Program

Automated emails that are logically related to customer’s recent purchases convert better and significantly increase your revenue. For example, if some bought a camera then an automated email will be sent to the customer offering camera accessories, lenses, and more.

Cross-Platform Integration

Want to integrate your customer data seamlessly with your sales, customer service, or fulfillment teams? We have deep expertise in cross-platform integration allowing the seamless exchange of data across multiple systems and platforms.


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What our 10+ years of Email Marketing Automation experience can do for you?

You have heard the buzz word about email marketing automation. In the absence of a well-thought strategy and periodic monitoring, your email automation program can quickly lose its effectiveness and that’s why you need us.

This isn’t About ‘Set it and Forget it’

Email Marketing Automation isn’t about ‘set it and forget it’. Whizcopy’s experienced automation specialists test every automation vigorously over an initial span of 90-days.

Discover Your Profit Sweet Spot (Backed by Data)

We ask tough questions now so you can reap sweet profits later. For instance, does your profit margins allow for discounts or free shipping?

If you know that a customer who makes their first purchase will on average make 3-5 additional purchases should you offer a larger discount to get them to make that first purchase knowing their Lifetime Value will make up for that discount?

Test, Tweak and Optimize

We continually test, tweak, and optimize your automation programs at regular intervals.

Automations reports are reviewed monthly to discover where people are converting and where they are failing during the journey.

The Biggest Pool of Certified Automation Specialists

We have one of the biggest pool of certified experts in all major email marketing automation tools such as Hubspot, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, and many others.

Go Beyond Cart Abandonment Program

Unlock the hidden value in your e-commerce business with our deep insights into data-backed email marketing automation.

We can show you exactly how and when you can implement email marketing automation to maximize customer engagement or increasing lifetime value.

Stop the Cookie-Cutter Approach to Email Automation

What works for others doesn’t necessarily work for you. Dozens of variables need to be considered while building your email marketing automation program.

We help you identify and figure out all of these variables so the marketing automation achieves its goal.

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