Ifeoma is an experienced direct response marketer and a professional email marketer with special expertise in copywriting.

Over the past 4+ years, Ifeoma has worked with different brands across multiple niches and industries to deliver high-converting copies for website optimization, commercial and transactional email, landing & Sales pages, including ad copies and Video Sales Letter scripts, among others.

She’s laser focused on helping B2B and B2C clients stand out and build 6-7 figure businesses whether selling low or high ticket products.

She perfectly understands and knows how best to deploy high-impact emotional triggers that is guaranteed to move prospects from the position of leads to paying customers within the shortest possible time, given the offer. Her experience in warming up cold leads, crafting a must-love welcome series that provide new subscribers with the warm embrace, which makes them feel comfortable and at peace with the client’s business, while taking them through her bond-building nurturing series, and deal-breaking irresistible sales emails to convert them into paid subscribers is EXCEPTIONAL.

Ifeoma is also the go-to person when you want to increase the lifetime value of your customers. With her non-salesy high converting upsell email series, she easily entices your customers to buy more and keep on buying from you without grudges and no holdbacks. Your customers will not only stick with your business, they will become your product evangelists, recommending you and referring more people to your business.

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