• Year: 2019
  • Category: Email Marketing
  • Client: Viral Media Boost

Project Brief:

In October 2019, we were approved by the founder of Viral Media Boost, a music marketing agency with a passion to help independent artists project their talent and reach a global audience through music promotions. Prior to our coming into the picture, the founder, Chris Tyson has tried his hands on email marketing for his brand, but was not making sales and he gave up, then later decided to hire a professional for it. When we onboarded his company, their total revenue from email at the time was $1,075 for an year. When we got involved, we were able to drive sales for this client from $1.075 a year to over $80,000 in 4 months, and eventually the business recorded over $373,000 in sales within our first year of business relationship. And the sales keep going up every year, we are currently averaging over half a million dollars for this client.

What we did to permanently transform Viral Media Boosts sales figure is very simple and can be summarized in two words, “Audience Analysis”.
We analyzed the client’s audience to understand who they are trying to sell to, as well as what they are trying to sell to these people, then we were able to spot the disconnect between their products and services vis-à-vis their sales message.
With this understanding we were able to make a paradigm shift in their marketing communication strategy to focus on the missing piece, and that got the sales rolling non-stop.

In the first year of working with the VMB company, between 2019 and 2020, we generated over $181,470 through email marketing only out of $373,058 total business revenue. This means our email revenue represented 48.6% of the total generated revenue of the business for that trading year.

Further breakdown shows an average monthly income of $15,122.5 added to the business through our email marketing efforts, and a consistent daily income of over $500 via email marketing alone.

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