• Date: 20 March, 2018
  • Category: Email Marketing Strategy
  • Client: Pretty Dope Brows

Project Brief:

In 2019, we were contacted by the founder of Pretty Dope Brows, Dione. She is a successful professional microblader in the United States, who was looking to expand her business into the coaching industry by teaching women and beauty enthusiasts how to perform microblading. When we (Lazarus and his Whizcopy team) came on board, she was still creating her course, and we joined the rest of her in creating a top-notch marketing strategy for her launch as we took the lead  in the email marketing angle. At the time, Pretty Dope Browse had a total of about 250 subscribers.

We started by analyzing her audience, and characterizing them into buyer personas, and eventually defined our marketing message perspectives. After that we started creating their pre-launch email series, 7 days launch sequences, and follow-up, webinar series, and post launch retargeting email series.

At the end of the launch project for Pretty Dope Brows’ Microblading Course, the founder had this to say about our performance, “Communication was well done! Very thorough, and they got the job done.” 

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