Building a great website is important but engaging your visitors and converting them from mere visitors and passer-by to potential customers and subscribers is also very important because aside from the use of traffic to record growth, a pool of subscribers is the next biggest thing that can make or mar the growth of your business.

A high conversion rate is indicative of successful marketing and web design. It means that people want what you are offering, and they can easily get it.

Email opt-in form is best adopted when you have regular information and content you would like to share with your audience. Also, developing a good email Sign-up form is important but properly placing it within your website is even more important because having an email Sign-up form that convert generate subscribers is as good as not having it at all.


It is therefore essential to properly place your email opt-in form within your webpage. In this article, we will discuss five great and interesting places to strategically place your email opt-in form within your website.

1. Floating Bar

A floating bar is one of the best ways of ensuring that your visitors are converted to subscribers. This is because not everyone who visits your website may come back or recall the name of the website if they do not subscribe to it. A Floating Bar allows you to input a call to action (CTA) button within your website.

The bar is positioned in such a way whereby it is within the view of the visitor either at the top or bottom of the page. It is unique because it does not pop up, but it is within reach of your visitor, and one-click takes them directly to the Email Sign-up form page.


To take advantage of the Floating bar, you can either make use of the templates provided by OptinMonster, TechWelkin, FirePlugins, or Optinly. You can choose from several templates and decide the page and location of the floating bar within your website.

2. Splash page

A splash page is another great way of catching the attention of your visitors. Marketers of big companies have been utilizing this medium and have recorded remarkable results from using it.

The idea behind the splash page is to split your web page into two or three parts, with one part being dedicated to your email opt-in form with an enticing message educating them on why they should fill the form immediately.

This ensures that your email Sign-up page is the center of attraction, and it also displays information on the incentives they tend to gain by subscribing. Where the page is divided into two, there is usually a link that takes them to the full page if they are not interested, but when the page is divided into three, they can skip the page and go ahead with reading whatever content on your web page.


You can use a quote or feedback from one of your subscribers to entice your visitors on what they stand to gain by subscribing. To take advantage of the Splash Page, you can build yours by using SeedProd with over 150 templates to choose from, and it comes with a drag and drop building feature.

3. Welcome gate

A Welcome Gate is quite similar to a pop-up, but it is less offensive. This is because it allows a visitor to, first of all, have a glimpse of the website by scrolling through the content of the page from the beginning to the end of that page before a full-screen call-to-action (CTA) slides up. It is brief and straight to the point because it contains fewer details.


Sometimes it consists of a simple headline or a few information to fill like name and email, on a colored or plain background. To take advantage of the Welcome Gate, you can easily customize one for your website with 50 templates to work with by signing up with OptinMonster.

4. Sidebar

Sidebar is another interesting location to add your email Sign-up form because it can appear on all the pages of your website if viewed using a desktop view. You must take advantage of this section on your webpage.


The sidebar also allows you to add creative ads that can catch the interest of your visitors, enticing them to click on the email Sign-up form. It is, therefore, important you include a Sign-up form in the widget at the top of your sidebar or below whichever you deem fit. To add your email Sign-up form to your sidebar, you can take advantage of the template offer from WPForms or OptinMonster, whichever you prefer.

5. Blog posts


Blog posts are one of the most common locations for placing your email opt-in form immediately after the comment section. This is because a visitor who is impressed by whatever content he/she reads would want to fill out the email Sign-up form to access more content. Also, with the feedback of others who have read the blog post or subscribed to the webpage, the visitor is more convinced to fill up the email Sign-up form. You can add your Email Sign-up form by using OptinMonster.


With the above list, I am quite certain that you have chosen where you want your email opt-in form to be located; with the information provided by this article, you are equipped with the knowledge of where to present your email opt-in form to convert those visitors of yours to subscribers and potential clients in the long run.

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